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NantHealth provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions empowering health systems, payers, and providers to transcend the traditional barriers of today’s healthcare system. These advanced solutions are comprised of leading software applications, hardware devices, and genomic tests that help manage a patient’s journey throughout the care continuum, while helping providers and payers to deliver better care quality at lower costs.

NantHealth solutions include:

  • Precision Cancer Care: The industry’s most comprehensive solution—combining genomic and proteomic sequencing and population health management applications—that deliver omically-driven, evidenced-based treatment support for cancer patients while helping oncologists drive improved outcomes at lower costs.

  • Provider and Patient Engagement: A rich suite of applications—provider and provider portals, care coordination, clinical decision support, and others—that help health systems deliver collaborative, data-driven care for chronic populations.

  • Wellness and Care Management: A set of software applications and remote monitoring devices (e.g., weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, etc.) that help payers and self-insured employers proactively educate, inspire, and encourage healthy behaviors within their member or employee populations.

  • Payer-provider Collaboration: A suite of administrative and financial applications—eligibility and benefits, claims management, referrals, authorizations, document exchange, and more—that help payers and providers communicate in real-time, close care gaps, and meet value-based reimbursement objectives.

  • Health Monitoring: A software solution that captures patient data from medical devices and seamlessly delivers that data into electronic health records (EHR) or other data repositories, allowing clinicians to spend less time entering data and more time caring for patients.

  • Knowledge and Insights: A solution combining risk stratification, decision support, and value-based analytics applications to help transform the wealth of data across health systems into actionable insights so physicians, executive management, and operational leaders can drive continuous improvement in care quality, outcomes, and efficiency.

Interested in learning how NantHealth solutions empower patients, payers and providers with actionable data at the point of care? Contact us at info@nanthealth.com or 1.855.WHY.NANT.

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