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Between October 2012 and March 2013, a six month pilot was undertaken at Saint John’s Health Center in Los Angeles.  During this period, 270 general ward patients were monitored, of whom the first 168 were included in the White Paper publication.

The key findings of the study were that both the clinical and economic cases for the SensiumVitals® system on general, medical / surgery wards were clearly demonstrated.

“There is strong, unambiguous evidence that SensiumVitals® System is cost effective” Dr S. Eapen, Analysis Group Inc, Boston

Clinical benefits

From a clinical perspective, the key benefit was the early detection of deterioration in the condition of a significant number (12%) of patients. This allowed earlier intervention and, for those affected, greatly improved patient outcomes than would have been expected under normal monitoring protocols.

Economic benefits

From an economic perspective, these early interventions led to shorter hospital stays (on average, these patients’ hospital stays were six days shorter than they would have been without using SensiumVitals®) and the avoidance of more expensive acute treatments.  The average cost saving for each of these patients was $5,500. On an annualised basis, the saving for the pilot ward was over $200,000 – against an annual cost of $20,000.

Download the full whitepaper here.