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The American Cancer Society defines “immunotherapy” as “treatment that uses your body’s own immune system to help fight cancer.” The basic mechanics of immunotherapy involve bringing down the “shield” that hides a cancer cell from the immune system, allowing the immune system to see it as a foreign body and attack it. Once the immune system is stimulated, the anti-tumor activity of the patient’s own killer T-cells increases their ability to fight cancerous cells and induce a long-term anti-cancer effect.

Etubics immunotherapies target tumor-associated antigens which are proteins found on the surface of tumor cells. Our immunotherapeutics train the patient’s immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells, thus altering the growth of established tumors and hopefully preventing the spread of new cancer cells. The goal of these therapeutic vaccines is to strengthen the immune system’s ability to identify and kill cancer cells, allowing the immune system to broaden the attack. The immune system becomes just as adaptable as the cancer following vaccine stimulation.

Etubics is currently developing immunotheraputics against the following cancers:

  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • HPV-induced Cancers

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