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Health Heritage

Enabling personalized disease prevention through improved collection and use of family health history.

Family history is a foundation to precision medicine. As many as 40% of patients in primary care have elevated risk for disease based on personal and family histories alone and meet criteria for non-routine risk management strategies. An accurate and comprehensive family medical history has become an increasingly essential but frequently absent component of providing personalized medical care.

Health Heritage, a sophisticated yet easy-to-use online application, can determine whether your health is at risk due to your genetic inheritance and, if it is, what you can do about it. Health Heritage compares the family medical history you create from your electronic medical record, against the most recent scientific research in order to generate health risk reports and recommendations that you can share with your doctors and family members in order to develop personalized screening and prevention plans.

“I am here today due to what genetics played out for me as a cancer survivor…. Finding out about BRCA and “triple negative” breasts saved me. I commend your efforts, endlessly… Thank you.”

Elaine R.

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