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SEATTLE (July 1, 2013) – Etubics Corporation, a bio-pharmaceutical company with a proprietary vaccine platform that stimulates a long lasting “active” immune response, announced today that it has received a grant of approximately $1.03 million from National Institute of Health (NIH) to research and develop a therapeutic vaccine for HIV/Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) associated oropharyngeal and tonsillar malignancy, or head and neck cancers (Grant#: 2R44DE021973-02).

The grant will support the necessary pre-clinical experiments to allow Etubics HPV immunotherapeutic targeting head and neck cancers to enter into clinical trials. The immunotherapeutic will target E6 and E7 proteins in HPV (HPV-E6/E7) and was shown to improve long-term survival in animal models. W hen used with chemotherapy or radiation, it was shown to statistically enhance the clearance of established HPV cancer in vivo and largely reduced tumor growth as compared with control mice. Etubics HPV-E6/E7 immunotherapeutic utilizes the Etubics Platform, which is stealth to the immune system and has the ability to deliver a long lasting “active” immune response against cancer targets, educating the immune system’s T-cells to act as if the cancer was a simple virus. HPV is responsible for as many as 100,000 cases of head and neck cancer worldwide per year. The majority of these are oropharyngeal and tonsillar cancers. In the United States, prevalence estimates of oropharynx HPV infection ranges from 9.2-18.6%. The incidence of tonsillar cancer in the United States has increased by two to three percent per year from 1973 to 1995. HIV-infected individuals have a two to six fold increase in the risk of developing oropharyngeal and tonsillar cancers.

For more information on Etubics HPV-E6/E7 immunotherapeutic targeting Head and Neck Cancer program, refer to Nature’s Cancer Gene Therapy’s “A non-oncogenic HPV 16 E6/E7 vaccine enhances treatment of HPV expressing tumors.” To view the publication online, visit http://www.nature.com/cgt/journal/v19/n10/abs/cgt201255a.html?WT.ec_id=CGT-201210.

Since 2006, Etubics Corporation has received federal grant and contract funding in excess of $13 million from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) and the Department of Defense (DOD). These grants have helped to further Etubics colon cancer, breast cancer, HPV induced cancer and HIV vaccine programs.

Pre-clinical research was supported by the National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number R44DE021973. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.

About Etubics

Etubics Corporation, based in Seattle, Wash., is a next generation clinical stage bio-pharmaceutical company, which has developed a proprietary platform technology consisting of a next generation Adenovirus Vector Vaccine Platform and a manufacturing E.C7 human cell line, collectively the Etubics Platform. Clinical work to date shows that the Etubics Platform overcomes problems associated with existing adenovirus vectors. The Company’s Platform can be used to efficiently and rapidly develop immunotherapeutic drugs and preventive vaccines for a wide range of infectious diseases and cancers .


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